For the men and women of the armed forces, the battle doesn’t end when they return home. Theirs is a life built on sacrifices. Time with family, health, safety – what most of us take for granted — soldiers put these things on the line every day in service to their country. Our warriors often return home both physically and mentally altered. Lost limbs, PTSD, drug addiction, homelessness – these are only some of the sobering realities that are the real costs of war.

What a nation owes to its veterans can never be paid in full. However, a good starting place is access to quality health care. If you have served in the active military, naval, or air service, and were not dishonorably discharged, you may qualify for VA health care benefits. The VA has also recently removed its annual income-reporting requirement, to reduce the burden placed on veterans in this process.

Caring for wounded soldiers is its own battle. VA healthcare benefits can help pay for much-needed medical equipment. BRODA Seating has provided wheelchairs for thousands of veterans, living both in facilities and at home. These chairs can be funded through the VA Contract V797P-3229M. If interested in learning more, you can contact the Prosthetics Department at the local VA to see if you or your loved one qualifies.

BRODA’s Comfort-Tilt model is popular among veterans, as it affords durability, comfort, maximum mobility, and easy repositioning. The mobility offered by BRODA chairs can help ensure independence for those brave men and women who have given so much so that we too may enjoy our independence and safety.


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