Pressure ulcers form when the skin is in prolonged contact with a harder surface. Pressure sores can be a major issue for residents in wheelchairs. Essentially, the pressure cuts down on the blood supply to the affected area – leading to damaged or dead tissue. Risks for pressure ulcers include:

  • Spending all day in a bed or chair
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Spending a long time in one position
  • Inability control the bowels and bladder

BRODA straps are ideal for reducing the risk of developing pressure sores. The straps:

  • Reduce the amount of pressure put on the body
  • Can support hours of sitting
  • Include a memory retention system to retain the resident’s body shape
  • Allow for airflow and circulation

When sitting for long periods in a wheelchair, maintaining skin health and reducing the risk of pressure sores is incredibly important.


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