Geriatric chairs, or geri chairs, are specifically designed to allow residents to get out of their bed, and have a comfortable, fully supported seating experience. They provide a much wider range of mobility and accessibility than a standard wheelchair. Geri chairs can be a great addition to the home or clinical care environment. Geri chairs are also useful in a variety of clinical situations that require special seating arrangements, such as post-op, same-day surgery, OB/GYN clinics, and outpatient care.

For residents who spend long periods of time in a geri chair, pressure redistribution is key. Painful pressure ulcers can form on an area of skin that is continuously rubbed on by some material (such as a wheelchair seat). People who have suffered from spinal cord injuries often have a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Caretakers often mitigate pressure ulcers in their resident population by using cushions and custom wheelchair designs for pressure redistribution.


BRODA Seating has recently released the new LT Tilt Chair, as cost-effective alternative to a geri chair — complete with its Comfort Tension Seating® for pressure redistribution, seat tilt adjustable up to 28°, and a front pivot seat that enables residents to look forward to engage with their surroundings and community.

The LT Tilt Chair is ideal for non-ambulatory nursing care patients, hospice, acute care, and home care. A seating experience shouldn’t be unnecessarily painful – and BRODA’s new LT can help mitigate some of the side effects of long-term geri chair use.


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