Most any healthcare professional, from doctors to nurses and technicians, will have some story about the importance of monitoring fall risks. Fall risks increase as residents get older, and a wide range of medical conditions can contribute to fall risk susceptibility. The effects of a fall, depending on the health of the resident and other factors, can range from bruises and broken bones, and even to death. Luckily, scientists and health professionals have identified a number of personal risk factors when assessing and monitoring fall risks:

  • It’s important to continuously build flexibility. Muscle weakness in the legs is a huge risk factor.
  • Sudden drops in blood pressure are a major risk. Postural hypotension can result from dehydration or as a side-effect of medication.
  • Unsafe footware is a risk that can be easily mitigated.
  • Vision problems naturally accrue with age.
  • Over-medication.

Luckily there are a range of products to help mitigate fall risks. BRODA wheelchairs are designed to comply with No-Fall programs. Their Pedal chair includes a front pivot seat tilt, for easy foot positioning, and easy mobility. For those residents transitioning into a non-mobile status, the BRODA Midline Full Recliner is an excellent option, with its elevated legrest and adjustable footrest.

It’s a never a good idea to push your luck when it comes to fall risks. Some residents might not like the idea of transitioning into a chair, but safety always comes first. Luckily, there are products on the market that can help mitigate fall risks, while still enabling residents to have comfort and a large range of motion.



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