Healthcare workers, especially nurses and nurse assistants, often are faced with physically rigorous tasks in the course of caring for residents. From bathing patients, to moving them from a wheelchair to a bed – caring can be a lot of work.

There is a relatively high rate of muscoskeletal injuries, back pain, and injuries related to overexertion reported in the healthcare industry. Most healthcare injuries are related to lifting, moving, and repositioning of residents. Here are some tips that caregivers can follow to help keep the workplace safe:

  • BRODA’s 785 Elite Tile Recliner helps residents fully recline. This means that residents can get rest without having to be moved out of their chair.
  • With foot rests that flip up, it’s much easier for caregivers to move a resident out of their wheelchair.
  • BRODA chairs are compatible with most mechanical lifts, minimizing the amount of effort needed to transport residents.

In the course of caring for others, it’s imperative that caregivers care for themselves and keep a safe work environment.


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