As wheelchair-bound residents in nursing care or hospice care receive visitors over the holiday season, it’s important to minimize fall risks and ensure safety in the facility. Residents can become excited when family members and friends visit, and it can be difficult for nursing staff to supervise residents during all of their daily activities. Here are some tips from BRODA for minimizing fall risks over the holidays:

  • For mobile patients, the Pedal chair includes a front pivot seat tilt, encouraging mobility and independence
  • Easily adjustable seat heights can help mitigate fall risks by preventing chair sliding
  • Adjustable tilt promote comfortable seating by helping with slipping and sliding
  • Adjustable armrests can help position residents so that slipping is prevented
  • For mobile residents progressing to non-mobile, The BRODA Midline Full Recliner includes an elevated legrest and adjustable foot rest

Seeing friends and family over the holidays is often a highlight for residents. In the midst of all the excitement, it’s important to stay focused on safety. Minimizing fall risks and safe patient handling can make for a fun and safe holiday season.


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