When visiting loved ones at care facilities over the holidays, it’s important to take measures to minimize fall risks. It can be exciting to see your loved ones, and this excitement might cause patients to over-exert themselves. Here are some tips for minimizing fall risks while visiting loved ones this holiday season:

  • Maximizing comfort reduces fidgeting can help prevent falls. BRODA Seating’s Comfort Tension Seating system is designed for pressure redistribution and resident comfort
  • Adjustable tilt on wheelchairs can help improve mobility/maneuverability, which reduces the need for residents to move around a lot
  • BRODA’S Pedal Chair allows for a comfortable foot on floor position, and is great for fall prevention
  • While visiting, try to make your activities low intensity (like looking through pictures together or telling stories)

And remember, safety is key when visiting loved ones this holiday season!


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