As citizens we are not always fully aware of the sacrifices that our armed forces make on a daily basis. We don’t think about this, or we aren’t always aware, usually because those who’ve been charged with protecting our freedom don’t make a big deal about the sacrifices they make. They see it as part of their job. They see all of these monumental sacrifices – including physical and mental strain, time away from family, time in the field – simply as doing what they’re supposed to do. This kind of commitment should not only inspire our respect, but it should make it clear the debt of our society, government, and national health infrastructure to grant a proper standard of care for those who have sacrificed everything for their country.

There is an incredible amount of stress facing US veterans today. Young soldiers coming back from war in the Middle East face a hoard of pressures, including: PTSD, difficulties finding work, homelessness, difficulty adjust back to “regular” society, connecting with loved ones, grief over fallen comrades, drug addiction, chronic pain, and disfigurement. That the veteran population should have to face these pressures at such as disproportionate rate as the rest of society is a travesty. All veterans deserve comfort and care for the work they’ve done.

In addition to therapies (including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), exercise, animal therapy, social engagement, and many Eastern remedies, veterans can often benefit from a tool or system to help them increase their personal comfort (especially when they are wrestling with pain management). For families caring for veterans can be physically, mentally, and financially straining. BRODA Seating delivers custom wheelchairs that are designed to maximize comfort and mobility.

For those who have served in the active military, naval, or air service, qualifying for VA health care benefits – these benefits can also be used for medical equipment. Whether living in facilities or at home, thousands of veterans have received BRODA chairs. Qualified veterans can receive BRODA chairs through VA Contract V797P-3229M. Or else, contact the Prosthetics Department at your local VA Medical Center to find out if you or your veteran qualifies.


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