In healthcare settings, from clinical care to hospice and homecare — comfort is key to quality care. Finding and maintain comfort helps us feel relaxed and whole enough to focus on the things that we love while working towards feeling better. For caregivers delivering comfort is a huge part of day-to-day operations. From getting somebody water, to propping up their back with a pillow — helping build a comfortable and safe environment can promote a higher quality of life and general patient satisfaction in a care settings. Tools designed to deliver comfort effectively can help save time and reduce for caregivers. BRODA Seating provides custom wheelchairs and wheelchairs products designed to maximize comfort for patients.

Here are some common comfort issues that caregivers run into, along with BRODA Seating solutions to help address them:

  • Transitioning from a wheelchair into a comfortable position for napping or resting can be difficult. Luckily, BRODA’s 785 Elite Tilt Recliner is made to help patients recline all the way back. This flexibility means that patients can seamlessly slip into a nap with comfort and ease.
  • Swelling or pain in the legs is common for residents using wheelchairs. For example, Deep Vain Thrombosis occurs when bloodclots form in the leg, and can contribute to pain and swelling in affected areas. The 785 Elite Tilt Recliner also makes leg elevation a breeze, which can help mitigating leg-related pain.
  • Posturing can be a real pain. Poor posturing puts stress on the muscles and strains the spine, knees, hip, and neck. BRODA Chairs mare designed to deliver maximum maneuverability, making it much easier to manage patient posturing.
  • Prolonged wheelchair pressure can deteriorate tissues and lead to loss of blood flow. BRODA provides custom padding to help mitigate this issue.
  • Prolonged moisture and pressure on the skin can lead to incredible skin stress and even ulcers. Padding and adjustable settings on BRODA Chairs also help mitigate skin stress.

Healthcare is about more than just medicine — it’s about consistently delivering quality care. In many cases improving comfort can help improve the quality of care and the overall wellbeing of residents. Tools like BRODA chairs can help caregivers deliver care effectively and safely.