Home care can be extremely important for families providing care to loved ones in need. Whether the individual is elderly, suffers long-term injuries and/or brain damage, is in need of bariatric care, or other ailments — home care is a way to deliver safe care within the comfort of the home. Home care can be provided by licensed healthcare professionals or professional caregivers, offering assistance to residents in the activities of daily living. BRODA Seating offers a wide range of custom wheelchairs designed to help caregivers and residents accomplish the activities of daily living with increased comfort and safety.

If you’re resident is a bariatric patient – accomplishing daily activities such as moving the resident around the house or bathing the resident can get complicated. What’ more, dealing with bariatric patients can also create added physical stress for caregivers. Here’s a helpful list of different BRODA resources for bariatric home care:

Bari 385 Transport Commode Shower Chair: Bathing a bariatric patient can be difficult and dangerous. There is always the risk of the patient slipping and injuring his or herself, and even injuring the caregiver. The Bari 385 Transport Commode Shower Chair makes showering safe and easy, and can hold up to 800 lbs.

• BRODA Vanguard Tilt Recliner: Maneuverability is a big part of patient satisfaction and quality of life. Nobody wants to feel like his or her movement is constrained. Luckily, the BRODA Vanguard Tilt Recliner can hold up to 600 lbs and is designed with adjustable back height.

• Custom Bariatric Sizes: For increased maneuverability and options, BRODA also offers custom bariatric sizes for the following chairs:

o Elite (785, 85V), Midline, Basic
o Pedal Chair
o Pedal Rocker

For those interested in assigning a medical professional to a home care project, medicare-certified services can be provided by:

• Registered Nurses (RNs)
• Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s)
• Physical Therapists (PTs)
• Occupational Therapists (OTs)
• Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)
• Home Health Aides (HHAs)
• Medical Social Workers (MSWs)
Home care is all about comfort and safety, and BRODA Seating can help caregivers assist in the activities of daily leaving reliably, efficiently, and safely.


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