Reducing Fall Risks Related to Alzheimer’s with BRODA Chairs


Fall risks are a major concern in care settings. When patients are on medications or have decreased mobility due to injury or age – this can increase the risk of falling. Falling can lead to bruising, broken bones, and even death. A particularly vulnerable population is those patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Part of the reason individuals with Alzheimer’s have an increased fall risk is their increased propensity for wandering (in combination with their often compromised physical condition). Luckily, BRODA Seating has the right wheelchairs to help reduce fall risk in these populations.

A huge aspect of preventing fall risks is taking measures to ensure residents feel comfortable in their chairs. This will lead to less repositioning and potential for slipping out of the chair and falling. BRODA chairs’ tilt-in-space feature along with the recline option on some of the chairs can help promote increased comfort and safety.

BRODA also provides options for mobile and non-mobile patients (as both populations are susceptible to falls). The Pedal chair is ideal for mobile patients, as it allows for users to adjust foot to floor position, encouraging mobility and independence.  For non-mobile patients, the tilt-in-space function of our chairs can help residents find their comfort zone as well as make it easier to socialize (improving their overall experience).

Fall risks are very serious, especially for those with Alzheimer’s. Help make your care setting a place that promotes comfort and safety with custom wheelchairs from BRODA Seating.


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