The Importance of Being Active When in a Wheelchair


Boredom and restlessness is not uncommon for wheelchair users. Sitting for prolonged hours in a chair can lead to negative emotional feelings and can even affect a person’s mental health. This is why it’s important to allow wheelchair users opportunities to be active. BRODA Chairs are designed to deliver maximum comfort and mobility, enabling residents to be active while staying safe.

When facilitating activities for residents, it’s imperative for hospital / healthcare staff to create a safe environment. This means being mindful of sharp objects, corners, or other obstructions which might potentially harm residents while being active. This also means being mindful of the residents’ activity, and making sure no one is over-exerted or put in danger while being active.

Activity is important for residents for multiple reasons. For example,

  • Being active can help a resident get their daily fitness in. Even when in a wheelchair, being active and moving your self around can help burn calories.
  • Exercise is a proven remedy for fighting depression and anxiety, so regular activity can help wheelchair users manage their mental health.
  • Activity can help encourage social exchanges in the patient population.

Some great opportunities for activity include:

  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Regular strolls around the premises and time spent outdoors
  • Light weight lifting
  • And more

Great quality care means that residents should have the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life, and this includes being regularly active.


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